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5 Steps to save money on LED lighting

So you’ve decided to upgrade your property lighting, or perhaps you’re thinking about it.  It can be a little confusing to decide what is going to be best for your home! We go through some top tips to help you purchase what’s right for your home!


Put simply, yes.  LED lights utilise significantly less electricity compared to the traditional lights (incandescent, halogen, and compact fluorescent), this is because LEDs only use an estimated 80% of energy compared to halogen lights.  Long-term LED implementation excels for drastically reducing electricity bills and long-term lighting maintenance, however, there are some things to consider prior to making the switch.

  • The upfront cost of LED lights is more expensive than traditional lighting, averaging from $8 to $20 per bulb. These lights have extensive longevity compared to traditional lighting with an average of four to five times lifetime usage, therefore, also reducing maintenance and further replacement costs.
  • If you require a dimmer light, you must purchase an LED light that is compatible with conventional dimmers, or for safer and reliable options have your current dimming switch replaced by an electrician.

Find the right colour light. LED lights can be quite bright and if you’re wanting ambiance, you’ll want to make sure your bedroom or living areas are perfectly aligned with your flavour.

Bright white:  Ideal for task lighting and provides cool tones, keeping you more alert and enhancing concentration.

Soft white:  These are bright and cool, however less harsh than a bright white.

Warm white:  These are similar to traditional incandescent bulb lighting with a yellow hue.

LED brightness is measured by lumens, so instead of comparing watts, you’ll want to compare lumens.

LED watts

Image Credit:  The Light Bulb Company

Upgrading your lighting can be a major investment.  It’s worth doing your homework and deciding what lighting will enhance your homes environment or ambiance.   Changing your lighting to LEDs will save significant long term energy and electrical costs to your home.

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