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Safety switches, circuit breakers & surge dividers

A safety switch will disconnect electricity supply instantaneously in the presence of an electrical current leakage or default.  Electrical current leaks can be very dangerous and can potentially cause electrical shocks, burns or even death.

Lighting safety switches are not compulsory; however, they are highly recommended to have installed.

In Queensland, all homes must have one safety switch in the electrical switchboard.  Safety switches are important to implement into your home as it will detect defective currents and power supplies, avoiding serious safety hazards.  It is also law, that licensed electricians can only do installation work if a safety switch has been installed as part of that work.

If you are planning to rent your home, the residence power points must have safety switches installed and you are planning to sell or buy a home without a safety switch, by law, you must install one within 3 months.

You will generally find a safety switch located on your switch board with ‘T’ or ‘Test’ described on the front face of the switch.  If this is absent, you may not have a safety switch.

  • All new homes built or extended after 2000:  Safety switches are compulsory on all power point and lighting circuits when a new electrical installation occurs, this includes a general power outlet.
  • If you buy a property without a safety switch you must install a safety switch for the power point circuits within three months of the property transfer.
  • A landlord renting out a home must ensure a safety switch has been installed for the power points within six months of the tenancy agreement, if there is not a safety switch already present.

No, only a licensed electrical contractor can install a safety switch.  Doing it yourself is dangerous and illegal.  If you need safety switch installations, get in touch with the Taylor Made Electrical team.

Safety switches save lives, the Queensland government recommends having safety switches installed on all circuits to protect you, your family and visitors from electric shock.  Safety switches are manufactured to last for a period of 4000 tests, unless there are significant issues with the device, they should last a lifetime.  If you are unsure about your home’s safety switches, call the friendly team at Taylor Made Electrical on 07 3279 5058.

A safety switch protects people from electrical accidents and the circuit breaker protects wiring and electrical systems in your home.

  • Turn off all the lights and unplug everything connected with the circuit breaker.
  • Turn off the circuit breaker master switch to avoid injury and cut all power.
  • Take a flashlight and open the circuit breaker panel so you can see the circuit breakers. Each breaker has three positions: on, off, and a centre position.
  • Look for the circuit breaker with the switch in the centre position.
  • Flip the switch to off, and then flip it to on.
  • Wait a moment to see if the switch stays in the on position. If it does, the circuit breaker is reset, and power is re-established. If the switch doesn’t stay in the on position, it indicates a serious wiring problem. Contact Taylor Made Electrical to book an inspection.