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Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms and Conditions


Taylor Made Electrical operates under the Building and Construction Industry Payments Act 2004.
An Act to imply terms in construction contracts, to provide for adjudication of payment disputes under construction contracts, and for other purposes.

This Act makes provisions for progress payments; establishes a procedure that involves:

  1. The making of a payment claim by the person claiming payment; and
  2. The provision of a payment schedule by the person by whom the payment is payable; and
  • The referral of a disputed claim, or a claim that is not paid, to an adjudicator for decision; and
  1. The payment of the progress payment decided by the adjudicator.

All progress claims are made in line with the BCIPA Act 2004. Payments in relation to any of our claims must be aligned with project job claims and payments.  This includes all variations verbally and non-verbally documented in conjunction with original contract documentation.  This document is indicated on our tax invoice. If your payment is not congruent to our claim you have 10 business days from receipt of distributed progress claim to respond and organise a payment schedule to Taylor Made Electrical.


Taylor Made Electrical will issue the respondent with a Progress Claim in line with the BCIPA Act and the Australian Standard Subcontract conditions (AS4901-1998).

This will be emailed to the Project Manager. A copy will also be posted or faxed to the accounts department.

A representative from Taylor Made Electrical will contact the respondent within 2 business days to ensure they have received the claim and where necessary, will re-issue.


A respondent served with a payment claim, may reply to the claim, by serving a payment schedule on the claimant.

The payment schedule must identify the payment claim to which it relates; and must state the amount of the payment, if any, which the respondent proposes to make (the scheduled amount). If we do not receive the payment schedule from you within the 10 business days, the respondent becomes liable to pay the claimed amount to the claimant (Taylor Made Electrical) on the due date for the progress payment to which the payment claim relates.

A representative from Taylor Made Electrical will contact the respondent on the 10th business day and notify the respondent that they are now liable to pay the claim in full. Notification will be sent by email and or post.


If the respondent fails to pay the claim Taylor Made Electrical will recover the unpaid portion from the respondent, in any competent jurisdiction; and may serve notice on the respondent of the claimant’s intention to suspend, carrying out construction work or supplying related goods and services under the construction contract.

Quote Terms and Conditions


Quotations are Valid for 30 days from the date at the top of this page. After this time, we reserve the right to review. We reserve the right to re-quote all scopes of work if found necessary.


All installments are performed in accordance with the best modern practice.  It Complies with AS 3000 and the Electricity Act.  Any alterations to any part of the plant or installed equipment not authorized and approved by Taylor Made Electrical would relieve us of any guarantee.

The installations your project is covered by the manufactures for a period of twelve (12) months, except Lamps, it being understood that such guarantee covers the period of replacement free of charge, excluding labour, of any part which fails within this period, providing the failure is due to faulty equipment. Lamps are excluded from this guarantee and carry no warranty.

The Warranty Period commencement is from the Date of Practical Completion.

Conditions of Quotation:

  • Full Payment of all works completed as part of this quotation, in addition, any other variations to the scope of works is required upon the completion of the work.
  • Title for all Goods and Materials remains the Property of Taylor Made Electrical until such time all works are paid in full. The customer agrees that Taylor Made Electrical may enter the premises and remove such goods until the payment is made in full.
  • All progress claims will incorporate the following statement; “This is a payment claim made under the “Building and Construction Industry Payments Act 2004 (Qld)”