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Tariffs and pool / appliance connections

Tariff 11 is a general residential supply of tariff, this means that you have a day/night flat right in addition to daily charges from your energy supplier.  Tariff 11 detailed usage charges will be shown on your electricity bill, for further information regarding tariff 11, you can view QLD Government information page here.  This page will provide a comprehensive rundown on electricity prices, tariffs and charges, you can compare your area energy offers here.

Tariff 12A is increased charge rates during seasonal peak times e.g. weekdays in summer may be higher and lower charges for off-peak times.

Tariffs 31 and 33 are utilised for hardwired appliances such as pool pumps, spas, and hot water systems.  They have allocated tariff times each day and are generally reduced prices from tariff 11 due to these guidelines.

  • Tariff 31 guarantees supply for 8 hours per day (10 pm – 7 am)
  • Tariff 33 guarantees supply for 18 hours per day (4 pm – 8 pm)

To find out if you are eligible for energy concession rates click here.

For further Government information regarding electricity prices and supply, click here.  You may need to contact your electricity provider to review their fees.

If your electric hot water system isn’t working, this usually means that there is no electrical energy source.  Sometimes the main switchboard has been turned off due to a tripped circuit breaker, if it has been turned off, flip it to the ‘on’ status.  If it trips again, you will need to call an electrician to troubleshoot.

– faulty heating element
– Faulty thermostat
– Accidental grounding
– Tripped reset button
– Defective wiring
– Water Leaks
– An undersized fuse of the breaker

If your hot water is not working, contact Taylor Made Electrical to book an inspection.