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General Questions

What is our pricing for labour?

Generic hourly rate – $95 +GST per hour (6 am – 6 pm), this requires a minimum hour charge per job.

After hours and weekend rate – $142.50 +GST per hour (6 pm – 6 am, weekdays + Saturday and Sunday).  Minimum charge is 3 hours.   These rates are applicable to all scopes of electrical work, if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How often should I have an electrical safety check?

Electrical safety checks ensure any damage or deterioration to electrical work is found and corrected.  This avoids electrical fires, shocks, hazards, overloads or defective work.  we keep your home or business safe from dangerous and costly situations.

Our recommended periodic inspection times:

– Owner-occupied homes:  10 years
– Rental homes:  5 years
– Caravans:  3 years
– Pools and spas:  Annually
– Smoke alarms:  Annually
– Safety switches (RCDs):  Annually

If you are preparing to let or sell your home, it is highly recommended to have a safety inspection prior to the change of occupants.

Why hire a licensed contractor?

Hiring a licensed contractor may be more expensive short-term over a cash contractor, however, with a licensed electrician you get the peace of mind essentials; systematic control, government safety, and regulatory compliance, insurance/warranty if something were to happen.

Cash job electricians may be cheaper due to reduced extra costs; insurance, warranties, licensing fees, and workers compensation, amongst others. Unlicensed contractors are not held accountable for complaints or defective work.  This can be highly expensive for unforeseen events. Unlicensed tradesman may incur property damage or personal injury, failure to have insurance, this means you’re held accountable for damages or medical bills.

When hiring a licensed contractor, you receive:
  • All work to be completed under the Electrical Safety Regulation Act 2013
  • Qualified and licensed electricians
  • Electricians and electrical work to be covered under insurance
  • Skilled, knowledgeable and strategically planned schematics and technical work on and off the location, in addition to professional
  • Financial protection by avoiding potential unanticipated errors or defaults
  • Top safety priorities and highly safety-educated electricians for your home or business

At Taylor Made Electrical, we pride ourselves on efficiency, quality, safety and ensuring the job is completed to the very best of our team’s ability.

What areas do we service?

Taylor Made Electrical service South East QLD, from Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast.  If you’re not sure if we service your area, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff here.

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