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5 Ways lighting can enhance your home

Lighting can completely change the dynamic and ambience of your home in an instant.  Great lighting ensures each room you’re renovating is setting a scene for your desired room outcome.  For instance, upgrading a kitchen, you’ll be cooking, cleaning, eating breakfast, or you may even be entertaining between the dining area. You’ll want it to be well-lit, providing productivity, safety and ease of access to find things.

We spend extensive amounts of money investing in upgrading and building homes, however, lighting can be completely undervalued.  Creating an innovative lighting design will ensure you get the right ‘feeling’ when people enter.  When you enter a room, it’s all about the feel. Do you want it to feel fresh, vibrant, ambient, romantic or both?

Good lighting extenuates architecture structure. Understanding positionings and fittings are going to increase value to your home. Your home value automatically increases with well thought-out lighting.  It helps you stand out, improve quality, appeal to your target market and can even help with raising the asking price.  How is this possible? Because people want to be aesthetically pleased.  We want our homes to have a beautiful appearance.  We want to feel the intended mood providing comfortable, relaxed living environments for ourselves and guests to enjoy.  It can be the ultimate way to bring peace into your home.

Image of well-lit dining area

Image source – unspash


  • Creates the illusion of more space
  • Sets the mood and desirability for your home
  • Enhance productivity (great for studies, kitchen, home offices and garages)
  • Reduce electrical costs and improve performance
  • Provides visual comfort within your home


  • What are the main rooms you want to upgrade? Define their purpose.
  • Don’t over-light your rooms, it is expensive and unnecessary.
  • Don’t purchase lights or fixtures until you have finalised your design plan.
  • Try outsourcing a designer to get optimal results
  • Mix it up from conventional lighting, don’t be boring!
  • Avoid outdated lighting, look up current trends and market designers to get the most impressive results.
  • Ensure your power points are placed in accordance with electrical legislation
  • Looking for something different?  Find electrical switches that stand out!

Add in some fitting furniture and house plants, you have just raised the value of your home immensely. Electrical work can be dangerous and should only be completed by a qualified electrician.  If you’d like advice on your homes lighting or electrical work, contact the Taylor Made Electrical team today on 07) 3279 5058 or contact us here.