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South Brisbane Train Station

The client: Hutchinson Builders

About the project

Planning Phase

This phase provided planning for every intricate detail to ensure smooth and adequate works for minimal interruptions. The railway station was closed for a 6-week duration. Timing and scheduling were imperative for success.

The Construction

ARCHITECT: Architectus, Idearchitecture, Kellogg Brown & Root & others.

Project Completion

South Brisbane Railway Station Project Upgrade was completed in 2017

We worked hard

We face challenges

Results that last

Our team is dedicated to lasting, quality results. We ensure that all scopes of work are executed for superior quality and minimal maintenance.

Construction project

Planning, measuring, and operations require prestigious care to ensure minimal disruption in a live shopping complex.

Required timeframe

We were under pressure with the time-frame to ensure all works were completed within a 6-week period. Our team worked 24/7 on both day and night shifts to complete this project.

How it worked

Project outcome

Taylor Made Electrical was offered the opportunity to work with Hutchinson Builders to upgrade the South Brisbane Train Station based in Grey St, Brisbane, QLD.  The Taylor Made team strategically planned, measured and executed the electrical works for this project.  This project was completed on-time and with minimal disruption to the locals or tourists due to comprehensive planning and re-structuring of the services.  The station was sectioned off with particular lines closed to avoid major disruption.  

Our team completed the complete heritage power and lighting upgrades.  We accomplished fantastic results with hard work and dedication from every single person in our team.

South Brisbane Train Station is a vital piece of Brisbane’s architectural and social history, the Railway Station was constructed in 1884.  We successfully completed the upgrade works in collaboration with multiple construction modalities and essential time-frames required from all parties.  This took excellent communication, workmanship, and scheduling.