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QLD Theatre Billie Brown Studio

The client: Hutchinson Builders

About the project

Planning Phase

Planning QLD Theatre was completed in 2 phases. Stage 1 was to complete the ground floor studio and courtyard, stage 2 entailed completing the upper levels electrical works.

The Construction

Norman Disney & Young

Project Completion

This project was completed in 2018 within a 12-month timeframe.

We worked hard

We face challenges

Planing the outcome

QLD Theatre planning for execution took a comprehensive and consistent review and analysis. Technical planning, organization, and critical task management was vital to project success. Sophistication in project break-down ensured structure plans were communicated efficiently.

Construction project

Planning, measuring, and operations require prestigious care to ensure minimal disruption to internal and external environments.

Required timeframe

This project was completed within a 12-month timeframe.

How it worked

Project outcome

The Taylor Made Electrical team were dedicated to ensuring this project was executed and completed at the highest of standards.  Electrical works were completed at the highest of integrity and quality for all demolitions, installations, connections, wiring, maintenance, and communications.

This project required extensive liaison and coordination with 3rd party entities including Energex, QLD Theatre Production company and various behind the scenes consultations.

QLD Theatre is also known as Billie Brown Theatre is a South Brisbane based entertainment platform welcoming a broad range of arts, performances, and entertaining intimate dining experiences.  This is something the whole family will be able to enjoy!