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Nambour Train Station

The client: Hutchinson Builders / QR Rail

About the project

Planning Phase

Planning the Nambour Train Station entailed comprehensive analysis and collaboration with a variety of construction trades.

The Construction

ARCHITECTS: Architectus, Idearchitecture, Kellogg Brown & Root & others

Project Completion

This project was completed in 2017. We worked hard to ensure every single phase of the project was correctly delegated to support minimal set-backs or inconveniences for our team, other trades, and the general public.

We worked hard

We face challenges

Planing the outcome

Planning and receiving the same outcome can be a difficult task! It takes all-inclusive and advanced industry knowledge to ensure the outcome is on-time, on-budget and minimal delays.

Building measurements

Correct building measurements are imperative to ensuring the job flows seamlessly and on-budget. There are various and constant checks and strategies placed to guarantee the measurements are accurate and up-to-standard.

Required timeframe

Nambour Train Station was completed in 2017 within a 12-month period. Our team extensively reviewed each electrical stage and ensured contingency plans were produced to avoid any unnecessary errors. This is where the Taylor Made Electrical team shines.

How it worked

Project outcome

The Nambour Train Station upgrade project required execution on multi-level construction areas.  Our team provided all lighting and electrical upgrade works in collaboration with other construction trades.  These tasks included the planning, demolition, re-installment, and maintenance of the multi-level electrical lighting and power systems for the railway station.

The Railway Station required shut-down in various areas whilst these electrical processes were under construction.  This meant that time, accuracy and safety was absolutely essential for project success and budget requirements.

Out team worked vigorously 24/7 to provide superior electrical works.