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Here is where you’ll find our latest updates and tips on all things electrical!  We are here to provide you with electrical knowledge, so you can save money, enhance your home and get inspired!

You’ve decided to renovate! Wooooo hoooooo!  As excited as renovating may be, it comes with a lot of tasks and checklists to ensure it is executed with quality and a lasting outcome.

We’ve set up a snazzy checklist to get you through the electricals.  We’ll take you through each room and what you need to know so you don’t get yourself in a pickle.

Renovations Guide
Smoke Alarms Guide

Smoke Alarms certainly aren’t the most interesting topics; however, they are one of the most important.  Having sufficiently working smoke alarms must be a priority in your home.  When we sleep or are away from our home, smoke alarms allow our home a fighting chance not to be burnt to smithereens. We give you the deets on keeping your home safe and legal.

You need to read this if you’re upgrading LED lighting!

So you’ve decided to upgrade your property lighting, or perhaps you’re thinking about it.  It can be a little confusing to decide what is going to be best for your home! We go through some top tips to help you purchase what’s right for your home!

LED Lighting blog image
learn tariffs and save money blog image
Tariffs? What the heck are they!?

Well, they supply energy to your home.  You have day and night flat rates that change depending on your energy supplier.  Learn to save money on electricity by getting to know how Tariffs work and use them to your advantage.


Your sleep/wake cycle is your internal biological clock to determine when it’s time to sleep and when it’s time to wake. Your body ebbs and flows just as the day and night.  Sunshine increases cortisol production and as the day changes to night, your sleep hormone melatonin increases.

A 2012 study confirmed that with just 2 hours of evening blue light delayed the sleep hormone ‘melatonin’.  Melatonin inhibits your waking and stress hormone…

Is Lighting Effecting your sleep
Simple Lighting Hacks

Lighting can completely change the dynamic and ambiance of your home in an instant.  Great lighting ensures each room you’re renovating is setting a scene for your desired room outcome.  For instance, upgrading a kitchen, you’ll be cooking, cleaning, eating breakfast, or you may even be entertaining between the dining area. You’ll want it to be well-lit, providing productivity, safety, and ease of access to find things.

We spend extensive amounts of money investing in upgrading and building homes, however, lighting can be completely undervalued.  Creating an innovative lighting design will ensure you get the right ‘feeling’ when people enter.  When you enter a room, it’s all about the feel. Do you want it to feel fresh, vibrant, ambient, romantic or both?

We all hear the stories on the news about house fires started by an electrical fault, especially in winters due to faulty heaters.  It’s absolutely devastating and the LAST thing we want any of our clients to endure.  So, we’ve revised 8 top tips for keeping your home safe for winter.

Electrical Safety tips for winter
Top ways to Save on your electricity bill

Okay, so if you’re in Queensland, you’re probably still feeling the heat.  Let’s be real, QLD weather is hot about 99% of the time, so you may be reliant on your AC to get you through those sticky humid days and nights.  Living in cooled luxury can get pretty pricey, especially if the whole family is dying and you’re thinking to yourself “You know what, it’s worth every cent to stop the kids going feral!” Except it happens Every. Single. Night.  *Face palm*

The average 3-person home spends a summer season estimate of $450 with a split-system A/C and an estimate of $520 with a portable.  So we’ve comprised some of our most valuable tips to help reduce that bill of yours!

The best tips to reduce your AC power bill: